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Toddler has told me she's not ready!

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TrustyPatches Tue 28-Nov-17 15:05:08

My 2.8 year old has been showing signs of being ready for potty training for the last few months and has been very excited by the idea. She loved picking out her big girl pants and choosing her potty. I have been explaining to her what will happen for the last few weeks, she has great comprehension so I know she has understood so far.

I decided I would try her out this morning and to be honest she did well, 3 accidents and 3 wees on her potty. She told me on the third visit to the potty she didn't want to wear knickers any more, that she's not ready for potty training and she wants her nappy back! After talking some more with her I have decided to put her nappy back on as she was seemed stressed by the whole thing.

I haven't made any amount of fuss over accidents, huge amount of praising when she has used her potty and she seemed to be really pleased with herself. I'm not sure if I've done the right thing. I asked if she would like to try again in a few months and she said yes, but she would like her nappy back for now. She also said she was sorry for the accidents sad even though as mentioned above I cleaned them up with no fuss at all and have been really positive about the whole thing.

Has anyone else had similar with thier toddlers and how did you handle it? Did you stick with it or go back to nappies? How long was it until you tried again?

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SilverLinings2014 Tue 28-Nov-17 17:27:13

She’s telling you she’s not ready. I would trust her. Go back to nappies and tell her to tell you when she feels ready to try again. It’s really not something you want to get into a battle of wills over so much better to be child led.

TrustyPatches Tue 28-Nov-17 19:05:40

Thanks Silver , just what I thought! And what I needed to hear, I will wait until she tells me!

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GummyGoddess Tue 28-Nov-17 19:31:25

I have no experience, but she does seem quite intelligent and clearly knows what to do. Why not try in a few weeks rather than months? I vaguely remember the hardest part of my siblings potty training (about 12 years ago) was getting them to understand what they needed to do rather than getting them to comply.

Is she articulate enough to explain what is making her stressed or has she suggested how you could help her?

CatOutOfHell Wed 29-Nov-17 15:22:30

We had similar - DS decided that he was done with nappies and did a couple of days (with just one accident) but then wanted nappies back. We went with it and, a week later, he ditched the nappies for good. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long either!

DailyMaileatmyshit Wed 29-Nov-17 15:32:00

Yep, listen to her. She'll likely tell you she's ready again in a few weeks. Times passes differently for children! No need to stress her out, it'll come in time and forcing her when she isn't happy about it may well have the opposite afeect.

TrustyPatches Wed 29-Nov-17 20:38:49

Thanks all for your replies. It's so difficult to know when to try again, I dn't want to do it to soon and put her right off or leave it too late and she loses interest.
Gummy she wouldn't tell me anything else other than she's not ready. "You're ready but I'm not" she said, I didn't push her at the time as I could see she was getting stressed but when I try to bring it up now she changes the subject! She did say at the time though, "I'm still a baby so I'll use a nappy for now, I can try again another time" so I wonder if it's like a security thing for her. She still has a dummy too. I must sound like a right wimp!

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