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When can we wear nice clothes again?!!

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Smellyjo Mon 27-Nov-17 19:30:48

Dd is doing pretty well with training but a side effect of it that I had not considered was having to always wear leggings and tops that allow her access to pull her trousers down. I guess we could start to practice on tights, but when she's worn a dress over leggings she's not been able to negotiate holding it up, pulling trousers down, sitting down. She has lovely dungarees etc that I can't imagine wearing again!! This is obviously not a huge problem and I'm delighted she's getting there but just wondering what age other peoples kids start being able to negotiate clothes on and off easily?

Millybingbong Wed 21-Feb-18 21:45:56

dungarees about 4 or 5.

I'd do dresses without pants at home and build it up from there.

Codysmum88 Thu 22-Feb-18 23:05:39

I've got a DS whos 5 and we still have those, "emergencies" hmm Like in Tesco last week, he wore a Spiderman dressing up outfit... he needed a wee and we couldn't get it off fast enough resulting in a wet child and my DH feeling very embarrsed blush

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