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DD holding in/not asking to go

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tiredlegs Thu 23-Nov-17 20:54:37

DD 3.7. Has been potty trained/big since February. Showed massive interest to start very good when out on toilet/potty, but has never really progressed to asking to go. We have always done lots of the "oh dear just an accident" and in the summer she started to ask, but that's about 20% of the time and it hasn't moved on in five months. Rest of the time she wets/poos herself (occasionally then telling us) or if we are lucky we will have persuaded her to try the toilet/ potty and she will go. More worryingly I think she is now deliberately holding back - more and more she is going 3/4 hours without peeing and then having a massive one. Tonight I took her to try on the toilet before we left nursery, by the time we had walked to the bus she had pooped in her pants, which I tried to clean up and then she weed on me on the bus. I am really worried we have, even by encouragement, made it an issue that she is pushing back on, but where next ? Nappies again (she's not dry during nap times or at night)? Reward chart? Bribery?

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