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34 month old deleiberately wetting himself

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Cutesbabasmummy Mon 20-Nov-17 11:46:29

My DS aged 34 months has been great and potty trained since August. He's had the odd accident which I'm not worried about. But last night (twice) and this morning at my mum's (she looks after him 2 days a week) he has seemingly deliberately wet himself. We used the "Oh Crap! It's Potty Training Book" and he got it really quickly. But with the deliberate pees he is laughing afterwards like its funny! I have told him off and my mum has just told him off and has not taken him to Tumbletots - a) because he was naughty) and b) because he now has no spare pants or trousers! Advice appreciated please mummies!

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Batterseapark Tue 21-Nov-17 12:28:36

Hi OP, I don't think your little one is doing it on purpose. Day accidents are very common/normal up to age 4 (night training works on a different time scale).

I know it looks like he's laughing at you but my understanding is that when young children are told off (not necessarily harshly) they feel their attachment to their parent has been broken, they clumsily try to restore this attachment by smiling or laughing. A good book on child development is Touchpoints zero to three (and three to six).
What to do? I would simply pack to change of clothes + nappy sacks to put wet clothes in.
I think many physical and psychological changes affect bladder control. This weekend my son (3.11) peed first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Pee was dark and I was getting worried. Yesterday he had 2 accidents at nursery and when he had a wee in the evening, it was a clear colour. He had a cold/sore throat and I'm sure this what disrupted his normally good toilet behaviour. It's complex.
All the best smile

Cutesbabasmummy Tue 21-Nov-17 14:16:37

Hi Batterseapark. Thanks for your comments. I wasn't very clear when I said night as he is actually dry at night and has been since we started training, it was in the evening before bedtime! My mum and dad have him again today and so far he's been using the potty again. I had a chat with him and explained that it wasn't good to do a wee wee in his pants and so far he seems to have taken it on board. I think he just realised it was something he had control over and no one else could stop him doing it so he was looking to see what reaction he would get! Thank you for your words of wisdom xxx

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