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Withholding poo and breakdowns

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BlankSpace1 Sun 15-Oct-17 19:41:42

Help! Little one has been potty training very well, she wears a pull up at sleep times and when we're out (she's scared of big toilet at the moment) but she will pull down pants to go potty and tell you when she needs to pee.. BUT, she won't poo, she did one on the carpet by accident and screamed for ages, wouldn't let me go near her at all!
She asks to poo, but when I put her on potty she will wee and hold her poo in, so I put her in pants or pull up when she mentions it but she still holds it in and hasn't been for 2 days now.
I'm worried cus I don't want her to damage herself at all, and no matter how much I try reassure her nothing helps. Any ideas? Thanks

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Ausparent Thu 19-Oct-17 19:10:23

I would go to your GP if it doesn't get better. Chronic holding can cause longer term problems as poo hardens in the bowel and can become painful to pass which upsets a child more and so the cycle continues. They can give some stool softener if he holds it for several days which can prevent tearing when they do go.

In the meantime I would recommend which is a fantastic website we have used loads to help with our son's bet wetting. A friend of ours had issues with her daughter withholding poo and found it really helpful.

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