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Potty training essentials

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Fleurchamp Wed 11-Oct-17 19:00:58

Hi all

We are about to embark on potty training our 2.3 yr old DS.
I have read some of the oh crap book but I cannot bear the thought of staying in for more than a couple of days so we shall be using the method known as "winging it".

We have a couple of potties and a couple of steps to reach the toilet/ sink for handwashing. I am thinking about getting a couple of insert things for the toilet - any recommendations?

What do you all use for cleaning up accidents? We have wooden floors and a big knobbly rug (you can just guess where the first non nappy #2 will be, can't you?).
Is there anything antibacterial/ odour reducing?
Are puppy pads any use? We are not attempting naps/ nights yet.

Also - what do you use to protect buggy and car seats?

Anything else we should get? apart from a litre of gin


teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 11-Oct-17 21:13:16

You don’t need to be in the house for days with Oh Crap. My DD was in the garden during the afternoon of day 2 (in Feb!), out for walks/bike ride/nip to the shop on day 3. Think we went to a playgroup on day 5 so pretty much back to our normal routine by then!

We’ve got the Ikea toilet inserts. They’re fine.

Never needed any protection in the car seat or buggy but I think people recommend Maternity pads.

We just used a bit of antibacterial spray to clean up but after the first day, there really shouldn’t bee too many clean ups!

Good luck! smile

Fleurchamp Thu 12-Oct-17 02:26:20

Thanks teaandbiscuits - that is reassuring about being able to get out and about!

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