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Public toilets (reaction)

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caraway33 Mon 09-Oct-17 15:54:47

My kid is 20months old. This summer she spent a lot of time with bare bum and spontaneously showed willingness to use a potty, quite successfully. I kind of didn’t take it very seriously and still used nappies for going out but three weeks ago, one day at the time, watching how it goes, stopped putting a nappy on (including daily naps). She is not verbal yet so must watch out for the cues —which makes me slightly more anxious than I’d rather be but— it’s been all very well, using public toilets for weeing and pooping, and she has had only countable accidents.

Confusion started few days ago. She seems to get upset now if take her to a public toilet just to provide with opportunity to pee, refusing to sit. She seems to hold it too long (I think?!) maybe 2-2.5hours. Is it normal? Before used to pee every 30-45mins. Since it’s making her so upset, I try not to over do with taking to the toilet but at the same time don’t want to leave it too late, obviously. Couple of days ago she peed in the pants as it was left too long (3 hours?).

How often your approx. 2 year old pees? What could be the reason for these toilet “meltdowns”? Is it just a phase or a regression I should be concerned about?

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