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Go back to nappies or not?

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Duckfamily Sun 08-Oct-17 13:13:00

We started potty training our boy at age 2.5, 6 months ago and we've had our ups and downs. Our main problem is that he leaks when he needs to go. If we get there first by reminding him, we can just about get through, but that means us taking him hourly and this feels unsustainable as a long term solution. Not to mention he starts to get aggravated if we're all about the potty all the time. He has started telling us when he needs to go, but he will always leak before he announces, once again warranting a change of trousers. It's rare that he has full on wee accidents where he empties his bladder in his trousers and poop accidents are almost unheard of. However, we are getting through several changes of trousers every day and have to keep potty at front of mind regardless of what we're doing. Do we try and re-set, but going back to nappies for a few weeks, then try training again? Or should we persevere? Please help! Thank you.

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