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Blizy Thu 05-Oct-17 10:02:48

My ds will be three in January and we are struggling with potty training.
The problem is he REFUSES to sit on the potty or toilet, he will hold his wee in until he gets a nappy on (longest time has been 6.5hours)😱
I've tried bribery, books, you tube videos and stalk non stop about his friends using the potty.

He is physically ready to train, tells me before he poos and pees and asks for a new nappy straight away.
Nursery are now on my case to train him, they said they would do it if I sent him in with a million spare clothes!

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OuchBollocks Thu 05-Oct-17 10:07:04

He might be physically ready but not psychologically. Leave it a couple of months. I tried with DD at 2.10 and she just held it for hours and would only wee in the bath, got really stressed. I sacked it off and tried again when she was 3.1, she had nailed it within 4 days.

Blizy Thu 05-Oct-17 10:12:47

That's my thinking too Ouch I'm feeling pressurised by his nursery. I'll need to speak to them.

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