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3 days are almost over - getting out and about?

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kitkat321 Sun 24-Sep-17 23:01:33

I've spend the weekend potty training my dd who will be 3 in 2 months time.

I tried in May and June but she wasn't ready but this time it just clicked and we've only had one or two accidents with all other pees and poos going in the potty or toilet - she actually just goes herself and seems to have good awareness of when she needs.

I'm going to attempt a short walk tomorrow to see how she does then on Tuesday she'll hopefully go to nursery.

I know it will take a while for her to be fully toilet trained (she's still in pull ups at night for now) and I admit, the thought of going out to the shops etc fills me with dread - I'm not worried about her going in the car and will take a potty with me but the thought of her creating a puddle in the middle of the supermarket makes me slightly anxious - and they always pick the worst possible time don't they to have an accident!

She goes to dance and gymnastics during the week - is it too soon to expect her to go to class and stay dry? In her dance class they stop for a quick drink mid class so I know she'll need to go soon after and I have images of having to peel her out of a soaking wet leotard!

How well prepared do I need to be to deal with this - I'm thinking of a potty training survival pack with the obvious change of clothes but also anti bac wipes etc - or am I over thinking it?

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