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22 month old should I start potty training

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 11-Sep-17 13:24:23

I trained my DD at 22mo with a BF 6 week old. It certainly wasn't the best week of my life but it wasn't half as bad as I expected! My husband was able to take the first couple of days off though which helped massively.

A friend of mine recommended the Oh Crap book and I recommend it to everybody now. I think it's brilliant and suggests 20-30 months as the age to train.

My DD has no idea what to do but she knew she didn't want nappies on so your DD definitely sounds like she could be ready. I set up a little corner as DD would always need a wee when I was feeding DS so I'd have BF pillow, bottle of water, potty, toilet roll, wipes, hand gel and some books at the end of the sofa. Books for if I needed to wipe thoroughly but DS was feeding! She'd just have to sit and wait for me for a minute.

lorza03 Mon 11-Sep-17 09:06:10

Help and advise needed for about 2 months now my daughter has told me when she's done a poo and in the last 5 days has started to do the same with wees. I'm really apprehensive with stating and been able to always help if I stat potty training now as I also have a 9 week old baby who I'm breastfeeding and I'm struggling to think if I'm feeding the baby how to I help my 22 month old. Feeling really torn on what to do for the best. Should I try her and start a star chart ?

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