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Should I give up potty training my 2.3 month od

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Charlotteh85 Sun 10-Sep-17 20:40:03

Really need some advice about potty training. My little boy is 2.3, started potty training around 8 weeks ago now. He will happily wee every time I sit him on the potty and is happy to poo on it (if I catch him at the right time). He will never ever ask for the potty, or say he needs it though. He will quite happily wee and poo in his pants (particularly poo). I feel we get through the day dry just because I happen to put him on the potty enough that he doesn't have an accident. He poos in his pants almost every day- he just says- oh well, never mind!
It doesn't seem to have progressed at all past the first week.
Should I stop for a bit and go back to nappies? He likes using the potty is the problem, started training because he was wanting to go on it.

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SnowiestMountain Sun 10-Sep-17 21:12:24

I think if you've been going for 8 weeks and he does use the potty consistently then I wouldn't go back. I found with mine in the early days it was just a case of keeping them empty! Do you think you might need to just put him on the potty more often? Might that reduce the accidents?

He is still very young but back to nappies after 8 weeks would be a big step backwards

Out2pasture Sun 10-Sep-17 21:21:53

sounds fairly typical. just keep on doing what your doing. don't go back.

Falconhoof1 Sun 10-Sep-17 21:24:32

Maybe pull ups but still encouraging potty? He might not like being in pull ups again though but it seems like he wasn't ready. My DS didn't seem interested at all in using the toilet (he never liked a potty) until he was 3.

countycouncil Sun 10-Sep-17 21:29:05

I'd give up. I tried to train my boy when he was that age for 3 weeks. Went on the loo when I put him there but no initiative and no ability to hold on. Tried again when he was 2 and 10 months. He had an accident the first day, one the second day and with one or two exceptions he's been perfect for 2 months. It just clicked, he was ready. I used chocolate as a reward but that phased out naturally.

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