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Potty training is a Nightmare! Help!

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mamaM0 Wed 06-Sep-17 23:47:48

Potty training is a Nightmare! Help!
I'm sorry but it is. My 2 yr old DD removed her nappy & all her clothes last week and refused to wear her nappy, so once at nursery with potty in hand I explained the situation, their approach was whip the nappy off & let's go! 3 days later without much info from nursery on how it's going decided to start potty training at home. Oh boy I was not prepared. After 2.5 horrible days she seemed to finally be getting it by end of day 3, Day 5 only 1 accident I felt progress was being made but then day 6 (today). Regression. I just don't understand why she stands up when peeing/to pee... It's almost as though she likes the wet feeling, I just don't get it. We have managed 2 short outings sans nappy without accident but today 5 accidents! I'm wondering if I've been a bit gung ho in my approach, perhaps she isn't ready for pants? Maybe I should put her back in nappies and put her on the potty first thing & at Bathtime... Any insight would be much appreciated, I've turned into mean mummy angry.

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