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When did your dc last wear nappies?

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hecticmum007 Wed 06-Sep-17 00:10:30

What age in the day and at night ?
My DS1 is 6 now
Wears one if on long journeys and at night still
DS2 is the same but starting to be dry at night smile

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ItchyFoot Wed 06-Sep-17 00:12:54

Dd1 is 3.5. She still wears a nappy at night or for long journeys (in case she falls asleep). She's been dry in the day for a year.

TallulahBetty Wed 06-Sep-17 00:13:21

DD is Almost 6 and wears one at night. She often wakes up soaked. She's clearly not ready to not wear one and I'm not going to rush her.

ItchyFoot Wed 06-Sep-17 00:29:49

Do your children have access to a toilet at night? Dd still occasionally poos in her night time nappy although it's always when she's awake. We've tried telling her to call us through dd2's camera monitor but she never does.

Stinkbomb Wed 06-Sep-17 00:49:12

DD was ok in the day from about 3.6 - she was actually dry at night before she was in the day so stopped nappies altogether at the same time.
Pull-ups didn't make any difference so quickly gave them up.

Stinkbomb Wed 06-Sep-17 00:51:19

I do keep the dry night pads under a waterproof mattress cover just in case - makes it slightly easier if there ever is an accident in the night.

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