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Early morning bed wetting from 4.5 year old

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thepatchworkcat Sun 03-Sep-17 11:35:06

Hi all, after some wisdom please!

4.5 year old DS has been toilet trained in the daytime for about a year now, he was relatively late to get it.

He was still wearing pull ups or nappies at night until a couple of months ago - he decided during the hot weather that he wasn't going to wear them any more. I was worried about it but on the whole he's been fantastic with only a couple of little accidents. So it was entirely child led, we've not rushed him at all.

BUT in the last couple of weeks he's been waking up wet at about 6am (his normal wake up time). We did go back to pull ups for a week in Aug whilst staying in a holiday let and I'm wondering if that's ruined it!

I know it's completely normal to still be wet at night but it's the fact it's a bit of a regression that's confusing me.

Should we go back to pull ups? As it's always early morning it's not disrupting anyone's sleep, but I am getting sick of washing bedding! We try to limit drinks before bed but he's a real big drinker unlike some children.

Any suggestions please?

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hecticmum007 Tue 05-Sep-17 00:59:44

Put pull ups back on smile both my boys aged 4 and 6 are still wet at night :/

thepatchworkcat Tue 05-Sep-17 18:19:13

Thanks hecticmum we actually have just gone back to the pull ups - after me writing in the OP that it's never at night, he then woke us up wet at 2.30am on Monday! I think he's got so much going on with starting school that we'll just stick the pull ups back on and not make a big deal of it for now.

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