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Advice needed please re potty or toilet

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Tinks15 Sun 20-Aug-17 19:45:02

I'm starting to think about potty training my DD who is 25 months who is showing all the signs she's ready. Before I start I want to know a few things.
Is it ok to use potty & the toilet? Or would that confuse her?
Do I start off using the potty then move to the toilet once shes got the hang of it?

Obviously I don't want to confuse or unsettle her so wanted to seek advice on what people think or they have done?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 21-Aug-17 08:49:56

I used a potty for the first few days with DD (easier because I was also BF 6 week old DS) but we very quickly moved on to using both the toilet and potty, whichever was most convenient. She just uses the toilet these days but the potty was definitely helpful at the start.

If you go straight for the toilet, you need to make sure they can access it independently so two step step, toilet seat insert, can push trousers firm whilst stood on the step etc

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