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Oh crap! We're going in...

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dontquotemeondailymail Tue 15-Aug-17 12:47:32

Look out folks, potty bootcamp will be starting here over the bank holiday weekend!

(Fairly lighthearted post!)

My son is 2.5 and in full time nursery, so I'm using the 3 day weekend to start, using the OhCrap method. I've cleared the diary, got the potty, bought carpet cleaner wink, banned MIL from visiting interfering ... how else should I prepare? Any recommendations

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NoNeedToArgue Tue 15-Aug-17 12:52:10

Is he ready?

eurochick Tue 15-Aug-17 12:54:39

We started a week ago (with a day off in the middle for temporary childcare when our nanny called in sick). By the weekend we had all wees in the potty and no accidents. Yesterday was the first potty poo. Fx she is getting it! She's just turned three. Our nanny tried a couple of times before and she had no interest/wasn't ready.

Nan0second Tue 15-Aug-17 12:56:25

Oh crap is brilliant. Her criteria for readiness is perfect (although the opposite of general mumsnet points of view see 1 million potty training threads below).
Stay as calm as you can and don't pester and you both will have this sussed asap!

KeepSmiling83 Tue 15-Aug-17 13:52:04

I'm just considering this with DD2. DD1 was really easy - just turned 2 and was potty trained in a week with no problems. But I can't actually remember what I did!

DD2 is almost 2.5 and will tell you if asked if her nappy is dirty. She sometimes tells me she is wet and asks to be changed and has been asking to sit on the toilet (although not doing anything!) I'm a teacher so thinking of trying in the last 2 weeks of the holidays because after that the next free week I have is October half term.

I'm not sure though - like I said I can't remember what the signs were with DD1!

teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 15-Aug-17 14:24:58

Good luck!

Oh Crap is amazing. You'll be fine. Maybe just get the wine and/or gin in for once your DS is asleep?

dontquotemeondailymail Thu 17-Aug-17 12:31:00

I'm such a bad MN'er.... posted this and totally forgot to come back on it!!

Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone... it should be a 'fun' weekend!

Is he ready?
Going by the book, he's ready enough!!

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dontquotemeondailymail Sat 26-Aug-17 19:58:41

Day one update:

The morning was a disaster, puddles everywhere, but something must have clicked as no accidents since about 11am - every wee on the potty, without much promoting from me! He even got up halfway through eating his tea to go on the potty, and we've even had a number two!

I'm exhausted... who knew that watching your toddler like a hawk all day would be so utterly draining! But all very worth it and I'm definitely a fan of OhCrap!

Now time for a very large G&T before tomorrow.... same approach but with clothes in 😯

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user1495997773 Sat 26-Aug-17 20:59:40

Glad it's going so well for you, let's hope tomorrow builds on the great foundations of today! X

OhHolyJesus Sat 26-Aug-17 21:12:26

I've just started reading OhCrap so do tell us news OP. Scared to try as DS just 19m/o but started peeing in his potty at MIL's without prompting so I'm going to block out a week soon and go for it (when washing machine isn't on the blink!)

Many would say it's too early but I'm going by the book too, showing all the signs and does a wee, stops for it to be flushed away and then does more so doesn't empty his bladder but says he wants his potty so I'm right to start aren't I?

dontquotemeondailymail Sat 26-Aug-17 21:56:08

Thanks User, me too!

OhHoly; I'd say give it a go. Re: readiness, Jamie's main thing is if your child is able to be taught something (like ABCs), or if they're able to tell you if they want something, even if that's through a tantrum, then they're ready for training. Until today my son had never shown any signs of having or wanting a wee!

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EvilDoctorBallerinaDuck Sat 26-Aug-17 22:02:40

It sounds like it's working! What's the Oh Crap method? My youngest just turned 6, so potty training was a while ago! 😂 star for your DS!

dontquotemeondailymail Sat 26-Aug-17 22:30:27

Hey Evil, it's a book written by an American lady... very over the top American language but a simplistic way of potty training, where everything is completed in blocks.

Before block one, your child will have no idea he's going to wee
Block one, he uses the potty repeatedly for wee & poo, while naked
Block two, he uses the potty repeatedly for wee & poo, while wearing clothes.... and so on.

Might sound like grandma/suck eggs but I've certainly never taught anyone how to go to toilet before so any advice was appreciated and this method was recommended almost unanimously.

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EvilDoctorBallerinaDuck Sat 26-Aug-17 22:35:09

Well let's hope he keeps up the good work! 😆

OhHolyJesus Thu 31-Aug-17 08:00:06

How's it going OP? I've decided to go for it and have cleared the diary from Tues for a week. I've finished the book and I'm a little nervous but going to go for it!

The first bit sounds exhausting and the knowing when to back off - how has it been going for you and your DS?

dontquotemeondailymail Thu 31-Aug-17 09:43:17

He's doing brilliantly, thank you!

Struggled a little at first with clothes on, but had got it by the end of the day and on day 3 no accidents at all. On Tuesday he was back at nursery and even there he did really well, just one little accident at the end of the day when he ran for the potty but didn't quite get there in time, and yesterday was another accident free day. With all the distractions of nursery, plus with the staff not being able to concentrate on him as much as I would have, I think it's really impressive (totally biased)

I had decided not to night time train yet as it was a bit overwhelming and I'm a wimp but the last few evenings I've heard him stir in bed, gone in to his room and he's taken pjs and nappy off, and used the potty. May just be flukes, so I'm not getting too smug yet but it's certainly a good sign that he totally gets it.

Go for it! The first few days are exhausting but her method has definitely worked.

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OhHolyJesus Thu 31-Aug-17 13:56:29

So glad to hear! This has given me so much courage thank you OP!

I made the mistake of mentioning my plans to my Dsis who said he was too young so it made me doubt myself but I'm going to go for it and keep it to myself xx

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 31-Aug-17 20:06:23

Well done OP, fantastic news. The night time potty going is pretty impressive! star

And good luck OhHoly!

OhHolyJesus Tue 05-Sep-17 20:38:37

Ok this is exhausting! Tell me it gets better OP, only Day 1 and the afternoon was better than morning but I'm completely spent!

dontquotemeondailymail Tue 05-Sep-17 22:35:54

Haha!! Yes, it's absolutely exhausting!!! It's like having a newborn again that you can't take your eye off

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dontquotemeondailymail Tue 05-Sep-17 22:37:29

How has DS been?

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OhHolyJesus Wed 06-Sep-17 07:42:35

I have become to used to letting him roam around. He's been really good with it and we had ILs arrive yesterday afternoon and no accidents in front of them so relieved about that (they too think he's too young but he started using the potty at their house!)

Accidents in the morning, about half and half I'd guess then just before dinner he asks to go upstairs to bathroom even though potty was right there. He held it until we got comfy with a book and he did a big wee so showing some control.

ILs leave this morning and DH at work so finding it hard on my own but trying to see it as an opportunity to ignore household chores and just spend time with him and bond!

Was bloody relieved to get a nappy in him (with some resistance) for a nap and and bedtime though - Christ I can see how easy it is to cave...

dontquotemeondailymail Wed 06-Sep-17 09:07:57

If he's resisting the nappy for a bedtime, I'll let you have my super, award winning patented product: THE PYJAMA NAPPY 😂

You wear your pyjama trousers, pyjama top, and obviously a pyjama nappy. For some reason my gullible son has completely bought into this concept so while it works I'm going with it! He also wears his big boy pants over the nappy - his idea, not mine, but again, if it works...!

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dontquotemeondailymail Wed 06-Sep-17 09:08:33

(And keep going... don't cave!!)

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OhHolyJesus Wed 06-Sep-17 14:23:56

Will give that a go smile

I did well to catch him mid wee earlier and caught a standing up poo in the potty but feeling down now as I wasn't paying attention so missed a second poo and he stepped in it and seemed upset but at least it was in the garden - he was telling me to clean it off his foot hmm

I can see a pattern though and he did say wee so I said your potty is there and he did one without me prompting. I'm taking this as progress and a reason to keep going!

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