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Potty training is making me miserable

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Mol1628 Thu 17-Aug-17 14:13:32

Could you take all pressure off. Stop the bribes. Maybe just a gentle reminder every hour or when you see signs, like squirming, holding himself etc. And if he wets just clean it all up, don't punish but get him involved in the clean up, so make him go and get the clean pants or put dirty ones in the wash. He will soon realise its much less hassle just to go to the toilet.

Mummy2JamesNmax Mon 14-Aug-17 12:39:51

Anyone else?

This is the fourth time I have tried potty training my son 3y8m I'm a week into it and I still can't leave the house because he just doesn't tell me he needs to go at all and is quite happy to sit in wet/dirty pants. He's mostly refusing to go near the potty/toilet and I'm having to bribe him to sit on it. He sits there, messes about then says he can't do anything and about 10 minutes later he's wet. He starts school in 3 weeks and I don't really want him going in nappies, I don't even know what the school policy is on that yet anyway.
He was born at 24 weeks and spent a long time in neonatal. No longer under paeds as they said his development is age appropriate at last appointment.
I know people will say he probably isn't ready but I honestly think unless I make him he would quite happily just stay in nappies

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