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Finally it's happened!

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Lauren1983 Sat 12-Aug-17 22:54:37

My DD is 4 and a half years old and until a week ago was still in nappies. She is due to start school in September and I have been stressed about her not being potty trained for months, if not years.

Then suddenly last weekend she said she needed a wee and asked to use her potty. She had never done this and was always too scared to try. Since then she has used her potty every time and had no accidents. Today we bought her a new seat for the toilet to encourage her to use it and she has managed to use it twice.

I am thrilled (so much so I had a little cry). This was a child who told us constantly she was scared of her potty. She refused to try at preschool and home. She resisted offers of treats, star charts etc. We tried books, apps, different potties, taking away her nappies (she just soiled herself every time). Nothing has worked and now she has just ''got it''.

I'm posting here because I'm so proud of her and I hate people posting this kind of thing on FB! I'm also posting in case anyone in the same boat reads this and I hope it gives them some confidence to keep at it and know that one day soon their DD/DS will get there.

heartofhome Sun 13-Aug-17 08:25:02

Brilliant- delighted for you!
My 3y 5mo will not budge!! We had a soiling incident last night, and along with two other accidents yesterday it just broke me. I've been really down about it. With starting nursery in sept I just don't know what else to do!😩

Lauren1983 Sun 13-Aug-17 20:41:14

Thank you heartofhome.

I hope your DC will crack it soon. I wish I could give some advice that works but sadly nothing worked with my DD, it was just a case of her being ready!

heartofhome Mon 13-Nov-17 11:00:39

Just reading back on my previous post- in August I was so downbeat about my ds and lack of progress in potty training
3 months later- and it isn’t even an issue at night- he has just cracked it!!
No magic bullet
No words of wisdom for any other mums and not trying to be anyway smug
But just a note to say if your in that desperate phase - it does pass!!

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