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2.5 year old and potty training

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crimsoncurls Tue 08-Aug-17 11:07:27

So DC due to start nursery in September. They have literally just told me dc needs to be completely potty trained before starting confused
Where do I start? DC already 'knows' the toilet and potty are for going for a wee/poo and will happily announce what me and DH are doing when in the bathroom. Dc will sit on the toilet and on the potty but won't wee/poo. Help?!? Deadline is looming and I'm clueless as to how to approach this. We have sticker charts, toilet adaption seat and step, potty. Knickers and pull ups but nothing seems to be encouraging dc to actually use the toilet.

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crimsoncurls Tue 08-Aug-17 15:31:35

Surely somebody has some ideas? Anything? We really are desperate.

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Mrscropley Tue 08-Aug-17 15:35:12

When ds was starting I used to pause the Tv and make him at least try for a wee. .
He was making no real effort til 2 weeks ago and hasn't had an account since. . He has realised pull ups are itchy compared to pants and hates them!. Even if you use a yogurt /snack as an incentive to sit on and try!! He loves flushing his achievements away too!!

GrumpySausage Tue 08-Aug-17 15:36:22

No advice but bumping for hints and tips. My DS is 2.5 and as with your DS knows what the loo is for but won't have a wee!

Wondering if I'm trying too early. Hope you can crack it before nursery.

mata777 Tue 08-Aug-17 15:41:43

Have you tried letting him/her run around the house without trousers? My daughter remembers she needs a wee when she is not wearing much. Keep the potty nearby ;-)

teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 08-Aug-17 15:43:58

Read the Oh Crap potty training book! I used it with DD and it's so good. You can have it sorted by Sept! smile

GrumpySausage Tue 08-Aug-17 22:45:55

Just bought it!

FourForYouGlenCoco Tue 08-Aug-17 22:52:41

It sounds really weird, but we (coincidentally!) watched Flushed Away right before we started potty training. So I used to put her on the toilet and tell her to do a wee/poo on Roddy's head (the rat, main character - falls down the toilet if you haven't seen it!). And she thought that was hilarious - we made a big song and dance about it, I spent a fair bit of time pretending to be Roddy the rat ("oh no, I hope [DD's name] doesn't do a wee on my head!") with her laughing her head off. Guess it depends what kind of kid you have - it worked for us, but DD is mental 😂

Enidblyton1 Tue 08-Aug-17 23:05:20

Spending time with an older child could help, as children love to copy others.
Try not to stress out about it too much (like I did with my first DD) - I think children can sense your panic and might be less likely to be receptive to using the potty.

Some children hate potties and are much better straight on the loo with a trainer seat.

Plan several days at home with nothing on bottom half. Potty nearby and tell DC they can have a treat/sticker if they use potty. Try and carry on as normal, but ask them to sit on the potty every half an hour. If there is no interest after 2 days, DC is probably not ready. Leave it a couple of weeks and try again.

Honestly, many children are not ready for potty training at 2.5 (or certainly not reliably dry) so nursery expect accidents. I doubt they can refuse entry if your under 3 year old is not completely potty trained.

Good luck!

crimsoncurls Wed 09-Aug-17 16:37:53

Will try and get hold of a copy of the book.anything is worth a try at this point.
DC has been in knickers for the last two days and insists on seeing on them, will not sit on the toilet or potty regardless of how many bribes I try

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Spacey25 Fri 11-Aug-17 06:19:12

We've just gone through the same thing with my little one. She's starting preschool in September and has to be potty trained. Push came to shove and we told her that we had run out of nappies so she had to use the toilet and wear knickers. She miraculously went along with it and we reinforced it with a sticker chart (which she loved). We wrapped small gifts for her and everytime she reached a gold star she could open one. She didn't have one accident. She is slightly older, just turning 3 this month.

Out2pasture Fri 11-Aug-17 06:37:22

keep them naked from waist down, take them to void every 15 minutes if necessary. boys are easy (if the timing is right) get them to pee in the tub the first few times. a little warm water running from the tap and the joy of aiming at the drain. move to outdoors and peeing on outdoor things (leaves, tree trunks, tires) what ever they fancy really.
then firm up on toilet potty only. then focus on pooing on the potty by watching for body language visual cues he needs the potty.

MrsPringles Fri 11-Aug-17 08:35:20

We were in the same situation, DS starts nursery school in September and he is 3 on Sunday so one of the youngest in the year.

We started in June and we bribed him with chocolate buttons. Every wee and poo in the potty got a button to start with, he clocked on pretty quick to that. After a few days we started to lower the amount of chocolates we gave him. We also let him choose his own big boy pants Paw Patrol and Buzz Lightyear!
Indoors we just kept his bottom half naked so he can jump on the potty and remind him every so often to have a wee.

I would say he's 99% dry in the day now, has the odd accident but clocked on really well.
Good luck!

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