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Day One

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StylishDuck Tue 01-Aug-17 19:36:25

Started potty training DD (2.6) today. Over the course of the day we had a total of one pee and one poo in the potty. We also had 1 pee and 1 poo not in the potty. And she also peed as soon as she got in the bath despite sitting on the potty straight before she got in. I count that as roughly a 50% success rate.

Any advice for Day 2 from those of you who have been there, done that?

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OuchBollocks Tue 01-Aug-17 19:38:08

You've done better than me. DD is 3.1 and has had a 100% failure rate. One poo in the bath, one in pants, one in her bed nappy. Pee everywhere except the toilet. My mop has never seen so much action sad

StylishDuck Tue 01-Aug-17 23:24:56

Oh dear Ouch. If it makes you feel any better I'm sure the poo in the potty we had was a complete fluke. It's shit isn't it? (No pun intended!) Here's hoping tomorrow is an improvement! I can't even have wine because I'm pregnant.

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OuchBollocks Wed 02-Aug-17 10:45:36

How's it going so far today? We had a stealth nappy poo before I got the bed nappy off, and since then a complete total and utter refusal to countenance going on the toilet or potty. Sigh.

theothersideoftheworld Wed 02-Aug-17 10:49:35

God. I really need to start my ds who is 2.5. But we have a holiday next week and I cant bear a long journey with a just trained toddler.
My other ds (5) got it really quickly but we had lots of accidents up until about 2 months ago. Nightmare .

StylishDuck Wed 02-Aug-17 13:17:58

We had a pee in the potty first thing after a dry nappy all night so I was quite pleased. DH is on duty today because I'm at work and I rang him at lunchtime to see how they were doing. Turns out he's taken her out for the morning with pull ups on completely defeating the purpose. Sigh! Hopefully he'll get down to some proper training this afternoon and have some success. I'm back on duty tomorrow.

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OuchBollocks Wed 02-Aug-17 13:36:05

We had a shocker.of a morning, total refusal to go anywhere near the toilet, wee everywhere. Then suddenly triumph! An unprompted wee on the potty. Alas she hadn't pulled her knickers down... but I'm going to chalk that up as a win smile

StylishDuck Wed 02-Aug-17 13:56:29

Oh that's definitely a win! Well done! As long as she's getting that she sits in the potty, small details like pulling pants down can come later.

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StylishDuck Thu 03-Aug-17 15:19:54

So today we've had one pee in the potty first thing and an epic poo explosion that involved a full strip, chucking out her pants and hosing her down in the bath sad It's now nearly 3.30 and she hasn't peed since she got up despite drinking as much as she normally does.

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OuchBollocks Thu 03-Aug-17 16:49:31

Oh dear sad we had serious holding issues the first time we tried potty training. Can you try getting her to sit on the potty and blow bubbles to help the wee out?

It's not going too badly here. She seems to have a bit more difficulty with remembering to poo in the potty than wee, but she hasn't had any wee accidents since yesterday morning plus we were able to pop to the shops and back with pants on.

StylishDuck Thu 03-Aug-17 17:58:15

Blowing bubbles is a good idea actually. I'll maybe give that a go before her bath. She'll no doubt pee as soon as she gets in the bath!

Glad you're having a better day. We've not had any accidents (poo explosion notwithstanding) so that's something at least!

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OuchBollocks Fri 04-Aug-17 13:57:11

How's it going? DD is doing ok at home but I simply cannot get it through to her that she needs to push out a wee if we're going out. We had an essential appointment this morning, she refused to wee when before we left, refused before the appointment (I had brought the potty), wet herself a but during it, wouldn't finish the wee in the potty before we left and wet herself again on the way home. Ffs.

StylishDuck Fri 04-Aug-17 20:04:53

I'm starting to think we might have started a bit too early sad She does a pee in the potty no problem when she wakes up in the morning and will do one if she happens to be sat on the potty at the time but she isn't getting that she should sit on it when she needs to go. I'm starting to think she doesn't understand yet when she does need to go. My mum had her today because we couldn't take any more AL and she had no success at all. Going to persevere over the weekend and see how she is by Monday. She has to go back to nursery on Monday.

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