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How many successful days til you can safely say they are trained?

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Fairy45 Sun 23-Jul-17 21:48:00

Weve had 2 days 2 accidents but about 20 wees/2 poos on potty/loo in last 2 days. She just woke up yesterday and said no nappy just knickers and thats been it. Waa going to attempt a potty train end of august as im due 2nd baby end of sept. So could this be it? How many more days til we are safe?

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ferriswheel Sun 23-Jul-17 21:52:58

Do it now. Just get on with it. My oldest, loads of bribes. My middle, just got on with it. Youngest, yet to find out. Its practically August anyway.

NSEA Sun 23-Jul-17 21:56:57

I had 8 days all on potty, no accidents. Day 9 had 3 accidents. Then none since. We are on day 12.

To be honest, I think it depends what point they just go. Mine still needs reminding

SnowiestMountain Sun 23-Jul-17 21:59:46

Sounds good, I wouldn't go back with results like that, it's going to be a few weeks before you can feel fully confident but definitely going in the right direction

NapQueen Sun 23-Jul-17 22:01:23

Just keep going!

Ds had one day (well a morning really) of accidents and its been about 10 weeks now and not a single accident since. Dd was nowhere near this easy!!

Fairy45 Mon 24-Jul-17 01:30:58

Brilliant thanks guys. We had a sti ker book ready and a potty shes been playing with for a while so i give her a sticker every successful wee for positive reinforcement. Fingers crossed im still this happy in a week

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PumpkinPie2016 Fri 28-Jul-17 16:24:25

I hope it's going well? With my son, we had probably two weeks with mostly making the potty/toilet and an odd accident here and there - usually at nursery when he was distracted. Since then we've been fine.

I was worried about taking him out but just got him in the routine of going on the toilet before going out/setting off home and taking a spare pair of pants.

If you are getting success then keep at it grin

Fairy45 Sat 29-Jul-17 21:41:06

Well weve been in france camping since monday which was why i was unsure but turns out shes cracked it. Had 1 accident a day pretty much but shes holding her bladder and doing massive wees when we get to a loo/potty. Weve just got off the ferry back and i had put a nappy on her then knickers and leggins but she asked for a wee twice and nappy was dry! Shes in a nappy at night time but i believe thats normal for a while?

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