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Potty as a toy

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Rich123 Sat 15-Jul-17 23:40:54

So we are in very early days of potty training. Our ds (21m) adores the potty, and he is asking to use it. Happy to sit on it, stand by it, but also really keen to take it for walks, use it as a hat. Should we allow or should we restrict usage to specifics? When we take him off it and restrict it he has a mini meltdown. Should we allow him to take possession of it or set boundaries?

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thethoughtfox Sun 16-Jul-17 08:42:34

The Princess Polly potty book ( there's a Pirate Pete one for boys) has a bit about what is a potty for: is a funny hat, no; is it for storing toys, no etc This helps them understand what it is used for. I would just be happy they have positive associations with it. I'm sure they'll only put a pooey potty on their head once!

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