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Dd (almost 3) gone backwards with potty training

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Sclancy1988 Wed 12-Jul-17 19:50:52

Hi I have a little girl who is 3 in 2 weeks. She has been potty training since just after her 2nd birthday. She is out of pull-ups completely as they were dry at night time so we tried knickers.

Night time- first week in knickers was great, since then though she's gone back wards. Well sort of. She is dry all night (bar maybe one or two nights when she had an accident while sleeping) but when she wakes up she doesn't shout us like she used to and just lies in bed and either dribbles or does a full wee in her bed at least 4/5 nights.
Her potty is literally right next to her bed, we remind her every night. We have also started to sit her on the potty before we go to bed, but she has only done 1 wee when we have done this.

Any tips for night time?

Now on to day time :

Well again she did fantastic, we have had Days and weeks where she has been completely dry and got praised for it, now well, I can't remember the last dry day. We have at least 2 dribble accidents a day.
She still isn't telling us when she needs to go for a wee until it's too late and she's dribbled.
She's rarely had poo accidents but again doesn't tell us when she needs to go.

I work with children in a nursery that are the same age as her and they all tell me when they need to go, why doesn't my own daughter? We remind her every day she needs to tell us, but she doesn't.

With regards to her lady parts, she's always been very independent and likes to wipe her self. If we try, she clenches but it doesn't look sore. Should I be seeing a doctor or is this normal for some 2 year olds?

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BlahBlahBlahEtc Wed 12-Jul-17 19:57:03

Most kids go backwards at some point, just ride it out and do what you did the first time. My dd is just getting past her backward stage (same age), nowhere near dry at night though, I wouldn't expect her to be for a year or two more really.

Sclancy1988 Wed 12-Jul-17 20:48:04

Thanks, night time isn't too much of an issue, it's more the day time that is getting a bit annoying, sad

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BlahBlahBlahEtc Wed 12-Jul-17 20:53:39

If it helps, it's taken about 2 months for dd to stop having accidents the second time around.

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