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Losing the plot...

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sugarplumfairy01 Tue 11-Jul-17 18:39:48

Hi All

So I'm toilet training my little boy. 3 in October. Loves wearing big boy pants. In pull ups at night.

We've been toilet training since last Sunday, so 9 days now. He knows when he's peeing as he saying peeing mummy then we all run the loo. And he pees in the toilet. The penny just hasn't dropped that he needs to get to the toilet before he pees in his pants.

We've tried, presents, praise, stickers, treats etc etc

I'm waiting on 2 books arriving to read with him about toilet training with the hope that it helps.

He poos and then comes and tell someone. Doesn't hide whilst doing it just carries on as normal. I know the pooing side can take longer which is fine. One of the books covers this.

I just thought that by now he'd be knowing before he peed. He was so interested in using the toilet and potty before we started.

I'm 8 weeks pregnant, so very tired, feel like crap, emotional etc. Had a miscarriage in March so head all over the place with this pregnancy. The usual suffer from anxiety and depression on top... Feel like I'm falling apart and just don't have the energy.

Do I keep going and hope the penny drops soon or do I give us and put him back in nappies? I just don't want to feel like all of this was for nothing and have to go through it all again. But at the same time I'm not sure how much I can take and the penny not to drop soon.

Help please! Xx

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Chosenbyyou Wed 12-Jul-17 17:00:23


I personally would put it on hold if I was in your situation.

I have been going the same time as you have with the same age child. I didn't want to start now (newborn!) but it was obvious mine was ready and asked to use the toilet for a poo and did it. Has had one accident per day so far and regaularly asks for potty and goes on demand when we are ready to go out. I'm not boasting in any way I'm just saying what I consider to be 'ready'.

I think your is very nearly ready but I would give it another month and I would use the potty everyday before bath time and use your books etc in preparation. After a month you might be less tired in the second tri and he might be more prepared.

Hope this is useful xx

bitteroldhag Wed 12-Jul-17 19:15:13

It sounds like he's not quite ready yet, he knows when he has gone but not when he is about to go.

I agree with Chosenbyyou go back to nappies, and put him on the potty at bath times until then but don't push it in the day.

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