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Just the night time left..

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shannondonnellyx Sat 08-Jul-17 01:37:11

Hey guys 🙃
My little man is fully out of nappies and in pants and using the big toliet.
But at night it's a little different!!
He wakes at least once a night gets out of bed uses the big toliet goes back to sleep but 9 times out of 10 when he wakes he would have done a wee in his sleep so I've been putting a pull up on him so stop the bed from getting wet but I want him dry fully now he's going to be 4 in September! He has a bottle of milk to go bed with most of time that's it but on odd day he might have two.
Any tips on getting him dry night as well as day??

fannydaggerz Sat 08-Jul-17 01:50:07

As far as I know, nighttime dryness is due to a hormone they have.

My son is nearly 6 and is not dry at night.

Iggity Sat 08-Jul-17 02:01:28

Stop the milk at night. Is he having a baby bottle of milk is using a teat? Nearly 4 is too old for a bottle. I'd try and leave a gap between having milk in the evening and going to bed as his bladder is probably full when going to sleep.

secondhoneymoon Sat 08-Jul-17 02:09:25

Day and night dryness are two different things. As someone's already said, a Hormone needs to kick in to reduce the amount of urine produced while sleeping. They also need to subconsciously recognise the need to wake up and go to the toilet if they need to. I know this because my DS was very late being dry at night so we had a referral, , even though he was dry during the day by 2

60percentofthetime Sat 08-Jul-17 02:16:43

Yep, stop the milk before bed. DS makes it through till about 5am without needing a wee. I leave a beaker of water by his bed for the middle of the night but he generally doesn't drink anything after dinner time.

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