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What to do when they get so engrossed / distracted and forget everything!

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moggle Tue 04-Jul-17 12:49:59

Potty training is going reasonably well with our DD (2.5 yrs); we started because during the last bout of hot weather she was going around naked at home and started saying "oh I need a wee!" and indeed going for a wee on the potty. At the moment we are still in full on bribery stage and she gets a marshmallow if she has a wee or poo on the potty/toilet.
If we're just at home, playing or pottering around, then she is really good at just taking herself to the potty or finding me to lift her onto the toilet when she needs a wee and even sometimes a poo. However anything slightly different and she just totally forgets until she is peeing/pooing... of course it works both ways, when we're out and about it is harder for me to keep the same close eye on her especially noticing when she is about to do a poo.
This weekend we were away with family and we had so many accidents. Eventually i put her back in pull ups although she did still sometimes tell me she needed a wee and we managed to keep it dry for quite a while. Also when she is at nursery there are a lot of accidents too.
She gets very irritated when I ask her if she needs a wee... because she does know when she needs a wee I try to keep the asking to a minimum but she can go for a wee and then 15 minutes later wet herself copiously before I'd even think of asking her again!!!
Is it just a question of more bribery, a sticker / reward chart for every time she agrees to try and sit on the potty? Or is it just practice makes perfect and her getting used to the feeling of a bladder that's getting fuller?

MamaG1980 Sun 09-Jul-17 23:09:26

I had this with my daughter, I was advised to stretch her bladder by getting her to drink lots, I hate to say it but she was 6.5 before she was reliably dry. Was dry at night before day time. Talk to the continence service, they are amazing. And even now a year later she leaves it till the last moment.

moggle Mon 10-Jul-17 07:52:09

Actually the day I wrote this, I picked her up from nursery to be told she'd had zero accidents all day! Since then she hasn't had a wee accident and even managed some poos on the potty too. So I guess with her it was just practice needed and to get used to the idea.
Thanks for your experiences though it sounds like a long ride for you and your daughter.

MamaG1980 Mon 10-Jul-17 09:45:08

Brilliant, I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for you

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