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How old?

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user1499085914 Tue 04-Jul-17 09:19:46

Hello, I was wondering when do you know if your Child is ready for potty training & what age?

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GlitterRoseGold Tue 04-Jul-17 10:11:25

I tried my child when she was 2.5 then 2.7 both times they seemed ready but didn't like the potty and would cry if put on it. My dc didn't tell us when they needed to Pee and so would just wet themselves.

So we gave up and tried again at 2.10 and dc has basically toilet trained themselves, tells us when they need to pee. Pulls own pants down and wipes themselves. It's brilliant.

I would say don't pressure yourself when they are ready they will let you know and it won't be a battle when they are ready.

user1499085914 Tue 04-Jul-17 11:07:49

My daughter is 21months, she goes a few hours with a dry nappy but when I try to potty train her she doesn't give me no signs she needs to go, I'm just worried I'm doing something wrong

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YellowPaisley Tue 04-Jul-17 11:12:38

Sorry to be blunt but why are trying to potty train a 21 month old when they are not ready? Showing you signs? I was put under a lot of pressure with my dd to get her trained around 2 years old. It was a night mare she wasn't ready so I gave up and tried again when she was around 2.10. DS I didn't bother until he was 3, even then it took a while. 21 months is really very young imo

user1499085914 Tue 04-Jul-17 12:59:39

Because she is my first child, I've never done it before & a lot of people have told me she should be dry about 2, I also have an 11 month old & it's not easy to tell when she needs to go as she doesn't talk

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moggle Tue 04-Jul-17 16:25:41

Don't bow to the pressure! It's really unlikely she's ready at 21 months. My DD is 31 months and has only had the language capacity to be able to tell me she needs the toilet for the past 6m I would say. She had been telling me since she was about 14m when she was doing a poo (sometimes). About a month ago she sometimes started telling me when she was doing a wee. At that point we tried training for a couple of days but nothing at all went in the potty so we stopped. A couple of weeks ago she suddenly said "oh I need a wee" and went and sat on the potty (it's been in the lounge for ages). Since then we've been 'properly' training but i'd say only have success about half the time with wees, the rest she doesn't tell me in time. Poos I think she has only done three on the potty or toilet in those two weeks.

Especially if she isn't really talking yet, how can she tell you she needs to go? Even if you put her on the potty every half hour and she sometimes produced something, it's not really 'training' is it, if you stopped putting her on the potty she'd be back to square one. I'd forget about it for a while and enjoy this summer with your babies without giving yourself this stress (and it will be stressful if she's having loads of accidents) (even with just a couple every day I find myself getting annoyed with DD).

Zebrasinpyjamas Tue 04-Jul-17 19:45:58

I agree - ignore the pressure. Start by reading potty books to her. Maybe get her to sit on a potty every day after or before her bath and having nappy free time. If she manages to do a wee on it make a massive fuss (clap, cheer etc). You will know when she is interested when she starts to 'wait' and wee a bit in the potty.
With my ds he was nearly three when he decided to show a proper interest and he got it from day one. Before then he either couldn't or wouldn't do it. He'd do one or two wees every few days in the potty but only when there were no other distractions. That lasted for months so I didn't push it.

I personally didn't feel the need to rush as nappies are much easier in a lot of ways. No dashing about looking for toilets or the potty.
If she doesn't talk yet I'd say it would be very hard to do. Wait a few months, it will be less stressful than doing it too early.

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 05-Jul-17 07:31:34

I trained my DD at 22 months because she was refusing nappies. She didn't know what to do, she just knew she didn't want nappies.

A friend recommended the Oh Crap potty training book and it's amazing! The author recommends training between 20 and 30 months so my advice would be read the book and see what you think.

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