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Selective Potty Use

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MrTumbleOnRepeat Mon 26-Jun-17 20:57:54

I need suggestions of what to try, have been potty training DS but we have hit a problem. He will only go in the potty at nursery and only if that potty is in a certain room. He can hold for up to 5 hours at a time until he has an accident if that potty is not available. Following the accident we have full meltdown. He won't use anything else despite him choosing his own potty and having a number options (ring on toilet, different styles of pottys), bribes rewards nothing works. If you try to put him on anything other than the chosen potty he goes ridged and refused to sit.

Nursery have been very supportive by they are having the same issue. Even if they move the chosen potty to another room he won't use it.

So long story short DS is potty trained but will only use one potty. ideas?

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