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Toilet regression

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getmeouttaherethenoo Mon 12-Jun-17 22:54:10

My dd will b 3 in august.. she was fully potty trained just b4 xmas , and then started peeing constantly in her pants ! Luckyily will poo on the toilet still.. so I had to go back to nappies.. how do I know when to potty train her again ? hmm

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bitteroldhag Thu 15-Jun-17 14:04:59

Get her checked by your gp fist to see if there's a urine infection. if not just go fully back to nappies, even for poo, don't mention toilet / potty and make a really big deal out of how big shes getting before her third birthday.

Buy nappies a size too small and on her birthday try to put them on her and show that they don't fit because she's now a big girl.

TA DAAAA she's out gown them grin

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