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2.7yo will only poo in nappy

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SleepForTheWeek Fri 09-Jun-17 22:41:37

My DD (2.7) surprised us about 3 weeks ago and wanted pants on - I had been suggesting potty training gently for a couple months but she hated the idea of the potty/toilet and I didn't want to push it.

Anyway, since that day she hasn't had one accident - which is amazing - and initially even went to the big toilet for for a poo. This was even more significant as she suffers from stool withholding (which she takes Movicol for) and has always been a bit funny about them.

After about a week I noticed she was holding her poo again 😔 until she had her bedtime nappy on (which we've actually tried her without and she's been dry during the night BUT up about 3 times for a pee so decided we'd keep her in a nappy at night as due another baby any day now and don't need the added sleep disruption!!)

She now won't even consider going for a poo in the potty or toilet. She gets really upset and worked up until she gets a nappy on, then goes almost immediately. She is quite happy to get pants on after although I'm quite sure she would keep a nappy on all day if I let her.

Is this something that will resolve itself? I really don't want her to withhold as that's been one of the hardest parenting periods, but I'm not sure how to go about it?? Have suggested stars/rewards etc and we have the 'poo goes to pooland' app but she still won't go in the toilet!!

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SleepForTheWeek Sat 10-Jun-17 21:21:59


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coffeecakemum Sat 10-Jun-17 21:51:01

Sounds similar to my son. We cracked wee training in a week. It does get better. I wouldn't force as it would make them hold it. He had a schedule and used to ask for nappy to poo. He didn't want to use potty or toilet. I used to make him sit in the toilet and keep a nappy ready. Initially I said try to do in toilet but if you want here is a nappy. He used to then put the pull up on.

After a week or so I used to say sit longer on the toilet and ask him questions or chat so he relaxed and sometimes did it or sometimes still say he wants a nappy. I made sure we didn't make a deal of it.

It took 2 whole weeks when he got it. One day I was in kitchen he had used the toilet all by himself and called me to show he did poo. From then on I stopped nappy completely. But the issue was he insisted that he won't use pull up for nights and we had to night train him as well.
We also made him give unused nappies and wipes to babies of friends. Keep up stories and YouTube videos for potty training which I am sure you are already doing.

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