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DS fully toilet trained BUT only poos while half standing!? So he can't do it on the toilet... help!

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wowl Sun 04-Jun-17 10:11:38

DS is 2y9m old. About a month ago we decided to "start leaving the potty around and see what happened", he then started refusing to wear a nappy and went to 100% potty and dry overnight within about a week (hurray!).

For the past week he's started using the toilet with a toddler seat instead, but whenever he needs to poo he runs back and forth multiple times saying it's stuck, before finally pooping in a weird squat position. If your DC were like this for poos how long did it take them to start being able to go in a seated position? His toilet seat has handles but he can't seem to do it on the toilet!

Thanks in advance for any similar experiences shared or advice given, it would be great to have him 100% on the toilet so we can ditch the potty completely smile

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DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 04-Jun-17 10:15:22

I'd take the potty away completely and he'll get used to the toilet as there will be no other option.

NaturWilde Sun 04-Jun-17 10:24:44

I would fully and 100% encourage him to squat!!

I have a squatters potty step for everyone to use in my house.

Can you imagine sitting on a loo with your legs dangling off and finding that natural to poo? At least we get to put our feet on the ground!

Let him use potty for as long as possible, and get him a step for when he does graduate to the toilet. You'll feel the benefits yourself!

NaturWilde Sun 04-Jun-17 10:25:04

*squatty potty!

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