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3y 8m regression - again!

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overwhelmedlaura Tue 30-May-17 13:10:20

Sooo. My dd is 3y 8mo.
She's a little Madame. We've been toilet training since July last year. Ups and downs. Lots of urine infections. Massive regression in December last year then the last few months she has been having 0-2 accidents a day. Which is a vast improvement. However this weekend she had 6 accidents before midday and we had to put her in a pull up. She's under he care of a paediatric consultant and on daily low dose antibiotics. Should I take her to GP if no improvement this week? She's already on antibiotics so I can't see what they can do. She's had a renal ultrasound and all is fine / normal. Bloods normal etc. We're at our wits end with it. 😳
Any tips or similar experiences would be great.

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