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TMI toddler poos frequently and they're squashy

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TestingTestingWonTooFree Tue 30-May-17 10:20:21

DS is 2y 9m. We haven't got very far with potty training but need to get it cracked by his 3rd birthday in August as he'll be starting school in Sept. I'm concerned that he poos very frequently, used to be 5 times a day, now is about 3. His poos are very squashy, we have a poo you could tip away about once a fortnight, the rest are a mess that is all stuck to the nappy.

Is this normal? If it's not, how can I manage it? He has a reasonable diet (although rejecting veg at the moment), including all the allergens (probably) and he doesn't have any discomfort or other symptoms.

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