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Potty training argh!!

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Dizzywizz Mon 29-May-17 10:42:13

Ds2 is 2yrs 7months. Showed interest in potty for ages and occasionally uses through choice. Started potty training Saturday and about 50/50 success which we were really pleased with. He was dressed all day and we were out and about a lot.

Day 2 and only a couple of accidents! Day 2 were at home all day and ds2 No pants or anything on. Day 3 not going so well. Only a couple of successes! He has been dressed today as we're at home, as tomorrow he will be at nursery were obviously he will be dressed.

I'm getting a bit worried he isn't ready. It seems to be when in clothes he isn't getting it. Or maybe at nursery tomorrow he will be better because the others will go to the toilet too?! Argh! Anyone got any advice? Thanks.

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