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Am I giving in too soon

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kitkat321 Sun 28-May-17 13:52:17

Dd is just shy of 2.5 and both my mother and her nursery have suggested she's ready. We have those toddler toilet seats and she's been sitting on them for a few months - usually first thing in the morning and then before her bath.

She never asks for the toilet and never shows signs of needing to pee although you can tell when she need/is doing a poo.

Started without nappies on Friday afternoon and it's not been going well - we've managed some pees in the potty and one poo but just so far today she's wet herself 5 times despite being put on the toilet at least every 30 minutes - it's as if she's not aware until she's started peeing.

I've caved a bit and our pull ups on - I can't cope with mopping up another puddle at the moment - does this sound like she's not ready or is this just the pain you need to go through and I just need to crack on with it?

rainbowpie Sun 28-May-17 14:19:55

She's not ready. I tested the waters a couple of times with DD. Nursery said she was ready but she wasn't interested. Two weeks before her third birthday she starting taking her nappy off to use the potty. If she isn't ready you'll just have mess, stress and an upset child.

muffinmonster Sun 28-May-17 14:34:17

Agree she's not ready. I had a similar scenario with potty training DD (it's all a very long time ago now!). We quietly dropped it, waited three months and tried again, and it was so much easier all round.

kitkat321 Sun 28-May-17 14:42:18

Thanks both -I feel like a bit of a failure but I think you are right - feeling more relaxed now and can enjoy the next couple of days out and about rather than stick in the house feeling stressed!!

rainbowpie Sun 28-May-17 15:11:16

You're not a failure at all! She'll do it when she's ready. Pop a nappy on her and get out the house. Try again in a couple of months then a couple of months after that xx

MrsKenningtonBag Sun 28-May-17 15:12:49

You aren't a failure, just try in a month.

Mine were both much nearer three and when they "get it" it's very painless.

peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 28-May-17 15:18:29

If she can't tell when she needs a wee, she's not ready. It's all very well for your mum and nursery to tell you she's ready, but they're not the ones having to get down and dirty, are they?
My DS is 2.5 and has absolutely no idea when he's weeing, and only knows he needs a poo when he's started going. I like my rug too much to even contemplate starting yet grin

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