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Oh crap potty training

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Nan0second Mon 22-May-17 09:26:07

Anyone used this? I have read the book and think I can implement the plan with my 2 year old.
She is desperate to stop using nappies (tells me several times a day "no nappy" "potty")
However I need to wait til I have time to spend one on one fully focussing.
Anyway, anyone used the book with good results? Or talk to me about your younger ones who were asking to be potty trained!
I need encouragement please smile

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Nan0second Mon 22-May-17 22:10:23


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NapQueen Mon 22-May-17 22:12:25

Not read it but watching with interest as Im starting with ds thursday (days off start then).

Im planning on underpants, staying home/garden based, and sweeties for rewards.

Nan0second Tue 23-May-17 07:28:14

So oh crap is a bit different in that it's naked and then trousers with no underwear rather than moving to pants.
The rationale is that underwear feels close around the bottom like a nappy so for many children means they will treat it the same.
I really wish we could bite the bullet here but I'm going away for a work trip for 3 days and then we are off on holiday with friends so it really is a terrible time.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 23-May-17 12:33:14

I used it when DD was 22 months and refusing nappies! It worked really well. A few stressful moments (wee on the floor of the children's department of a shop blush) but not half as stressful as I expected! I'd definitely say go for it!

teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 23-May-17 12:34:15

Just read your post about being away - that would be difficult. I'd wait until you're home if you can!

Nan0second Mon 19-Jun-17 21:39:10

Day 1 today.
DD (2) was amazing! The advice in the book was brilliant but I know we are going to nail this really soon smile

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teaandbiscuitsforme Tue 20-Jun-17 19:15:31


Hope you've had a good Day 2!

Nan0second Wed 21-Jun-17 09:09:41

No accidents at home on day 2 whilst commando wearing a dress. Short trip out and had an accident but then made it to toilet.
Poo in night nappy half an hour after bedtime. Bit frustrating but know we just need to roll with it for now!
I know this is amazing for day 2 overall.
Day 3 and she's wet a pair of shorts but we have a new pair on and I know she can do it!

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Nan0second Thu 22-Jun-17 17:33:19

Well day 4 coming to an end and she's totally nailed it.
Am so proud of her - and she's hugely chuffed with herself.
2 wee accidents, few drops spilled and 1/2 poo on the first day.
Very straight forward.
Totally recommend the book to everyone

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teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 23-Jun-17 07:34:51

Well done your DD!

I recommend the book to everyone too. I got a bit annoyed with how over the top American it is but I love the rationale. And everyone I know who's used it has been successful on the first attempt. Marvellous book!

Nan0second Sun 25-Jun-17 08:49:06

WHen did you introduce knickers?
We are still commando on day 7 but she's mostly self initiating or with a bit of prompting if she's dancing. No accidents. She also can hold for 60 seconds plus when we need to find the toilet. I don't want to rush things but how did you know when to try?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 25-Jun-17 12:56:18

I think I left it until about week 3 because I wanted to make sure she was getting on ok at nursery first. But I'd go for it if you think she's ready! Doesn't sound like she's going to get confused now.

Nan0second Sun 25-Jun-17 16:18:11

thanks that's really helpful.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 26-Jun-17 15:14:26

Just thought I'd mention, I didn't make a huge fuss about introducing underwear. Just put some on one morning and started talking about pushing down her knickers and leggings when she went to the loo. So DD didn't really seem to think anything of it and it quickly became the norm.

auracsaria0001 Mon 26-Jun-17 16:17:14

how to avoid potty training

hav a baby like my son on his first birthdau i got hin up and whrn i went to change gin he said no mummy no naoppy he fetched his potty an said stibk water abstibk mess in here

bever needed another nappy

auracsaria0001 Mon 26-Jun-17 16:19:53

how to avoid potty training

havea baby like my son on his first birthdau i got him up and whrn i went to changehim he said no mumm,y no naoppy he fetched his potty an dsaid stink water abstink mess in here

bever needed another nappy

Haresonthemountain Thu 29-Jun-17 23:03:18

This book is amazing isn't it? I've been recommending it to everyone. My DD is older at almost 3 but it was a breeze thanks to the book. We bit the bullet and went nappy free for naps and night time and its been fine - I wish I had done it sooner! DD was so excited to get her 'big girl pants' today (we're three weeks in and no accidents since day 2). The nursery acted like I was crazy but the no pants thing made a lot of sense to me. It sounds like you're potty training is going great - well done!

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 30-Jun-17 08:14:38

Hares Nursery had a similar reaction with me on the first day - then they all wanted to read the book when I went to pick DD up at the end of the day!

Nan0second Fri 30-Jun-17 09:41:52

We are nearly the end of week 2. She's still commando under leggings.
We've had a few drops leak once in a whole week! (That's with a busy holiday too)
A brilliant book and method and I'm so glad I bit the bullet.
Back at the childminder (part time) next week so we will do underwear after that.

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Emma2803 Sat 01-Jul-17 08:24:34

I'm just about to start potty training my 27 month old son (as I have three weeks off work and might as well try it)
Can you tell me a bit more about the book? My plan was to go let him pick some pants today (we already have some but can't hurt to have more) and mostly have him in loose pj bottoms for a few days as they are lightweight and easier pulled down (and easier dried)

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 01-Jul-17 08:41:13

If you can, I'd download the book and try to read before you start (you only need to read the first few chapters initially- it doesn't take long!). Then if you like the sound of it, go for it.

One of the important premises is not putting underwear on because it can give children the secure feeling if a nappy and therefore they think it's ok to wee/poo in them. So if you like the sound of the book, I wouldn't advise buying underwear at all for a few weeks.

The basic idea is going through stages to teach your child where to wee/poo. So you need to plan a couple of days in the house (garden would be ok and short trips close to home once you're over the first day or 2). You have to watch your child and look for the signal they're about to wee and move them to the potty time. Gradually they learn and start moving themselves, and then at some point they start to self initiate.

So the stages are:
Naked (or top if you must)
Top but no bottoms
Dressed in something loose but commando (no underwear)
After a few weeks, introduce underwear.

I'd say if you've got some time off, definitely go for it but please read the book! It's so much better than my explanation for the rationale. Good luck! smile

Emma2803 Sat 01-Jul-17 09:16:52

Thank you so much teaandbiscuits for your quick response. I wonder can you buy book in tesco, I don't have a kindle or anything to download the book. It definitely seems like a good plan. Do you still use a nappy for sleeping?

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 01-Jul-17 12:01:15

Emma I don't not think it would be in Tesco because it's an American book and not that widely known I guess. Maybe a bookshop? Otherwise Amazon or it's on iTunes if you've got an Apple device?

I trained my DD before she was 2 (refusing nappies hmm) so I kept a nappy for nap and bedtime. She's 2.3 now and I stopped the nap nappy a while ago, should stop the bedtime one now because it's always dry but with a 6mo, I've been putting that one off!

Emma2803 Sat 01-Jul-17 12:41:21

I have iTunes I will download it and read it on my laptop? My ds is 2.3 now and I'm 13 weeks pregnant with number two! Thank you I will get it tonight!

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