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Potty Refusal

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LouisaJF Mon 01-May-17 08:47:28

D'S just turned 3 and we have started the dreaded potty training. For a couple of weeks we have tried pull-ups with gentle encouragement to use the potty. This seemed to go ok, with things happening sometimes and even a couple of occasions where he asked to use the potty. We have praised and rewarded success and thought it was going quite well so last week we ditched the pull-ups and went to pants.

Since then he has decided he hated the potty. He refuses to sit on it, and if he does then nothing happens but he will wet himself 5 minutes later.

He starts pre-school in september and it took DS1 6 months to potty train so i' m aware that we need to do this now and he seemed to be ready. I don't know what we've done wrong and how to get him comfortable with the potty again.

We've tried offering the toilet instead but he's not interested and if we put him in pull-ups he just uses them as a nappy. What can I do?

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LouisaJF Tue 02-May-17 13:17:28

I'm sure these people who claim their children are dry in 2 days are lying
Either that or the kid is 15!

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bitteroldhag Wed 03-May-17 14:56:27

go back to nappies for a while

Then mention how big and grown up he's getting, but don't mention the potty or anything like that.

After a month or two buy some nappies two sizes small and at morning nappy change struggle to put them on and show him he's now outgrown nappies.

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