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How long did your DC take to be reliable in pants?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 27-Apr-17 21:02:44

You could try a few weeks of just wearing bottoms and no pants, then when that is quite reliable, introduce pants.

KatLovesCats Thu 27-Apr-17 11:35:48

We're on Day 4 of potty training DS who is 2.6 and he's really reliable with nothing on the bottom half and taking himself to his potty for all wees. With loose shorts on he does a trickle then stops and goes to the potty for most of it. With pants on the delay is more and we've had 2 wee accidents today with pants on (and one poo in PJ bottoms but that's another thing!).

So my questions are...
1) How long did your DC take to be reliable with pants on, not just bare-bottomed?
2) What age should he be able to pull his own pants/shorts down? He's trying when I ask him to practise but when he needs a wee goes and sits down with his shorts/pants on and gets annoyed when I stop him to pull them down!

I'm sure he'll get it soon (hopefully!) as bare-bottomed he's already having no accidents without prompting, but clothing is causing a delay. Should I wait until he's 100% bare for a week before trying again?

Just looking for reassurance really smile

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