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Carry on or give up?!

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Unicornshorn Tue 25-Apr-17 14:55:58

Hi all,

My little boy is 3 in July and we have spent the last few months with a gradual
intro to potty training, showing him how we use the loo, reading "Pirate Pete's Potty" etc. We then built up daily nappy free time for a few weeks and really went for it from Saturday only putting him in a pull up for nap and night. We have had two pees in the potty in all that time (lots of praise after), a few accidents and sometimes him sitting on the potty without prompting, but he sits for about 10 seconds then gets off again and is clearly holding pee in!! The last two accidents have been when Ive left the room for a few seconds!! He also had a dirty nappy this am as soon as he woke up which never happens and is really wet after nap. Im back at work tomorrow and he will be with grandparents Wed and Thursday and nursery Friday so Im not sure whether to revert to nappies if he is going to keep holding it in, or if this is actually a good sign that hes learning to control his bladder!! It might be hard to get grandparents to follow what we have been doing but I'll try! I expected lots of accidents then some progress but he's hardly having either!! Any advice or similar experiences welcome!! Thanks

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