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Help 4 year old regressed

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lyssie29 Fri 21-Apr-17 08:17:53

My daughter turned 4 at the end of March she was potty trained in around October after i had to basically force her because she was scared to do it. She has never pooped in toilet or potty. The last few days she is now asking for a nappy just to do wees I just dont get it. She says it's for a poo and I even said to her if she was pretending and just had a wee that some of her treats would be taken away and she still just did a wee. What Can I do?? I've now told her she can't have anymore nappies at all. I'm so frustrated with it all it's been a nightmare although I try to stay calm about it around her I could cry.

bitteroldhag Fri 21-Apr-17 18:46:38

You are not the first person to go through this phase and you won't be the

Start putting the nappy on over a pair of knickers, that way when she wees she will be uncomfortable, remind her nappies are only for poos and don't change her right away.
sound cruel but sometimes tough love is needed for things like this.

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