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Don't know where to start.

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mynameislaura Thu 20-Apr-17 14:24:12

My son is 28mths nearly and I'd like to start him being dry during the day (ill tackle nights afterwards). He's excited to wear pants because he's got George pig ones and some robot ones and calls them his big boy pants. He knows when he's done a we and when he's done a poo, he can take his pants on and off himself and he seems to understand that big boys use a toilet because his cousins are similar ages (9mths older) so he knows what's coming. Problem is he doesn't want to. He's happy to not wear nappies and just his pants but he won't go on the toilet or the potty. He finds a corner to hide in and does it in his pants. I'm taking him to the toilet every half hour to show him what to do (he's also spent the last two and a bit years following me to the loo so knows what it's for) but he doesn't do anything.

Is he not really ready or do I need to be a bit more firm? Or maybe take a different approach? A friend from playgroup suggested making him just sit on the potty to read a book or watch TV and then praise when he goes in it so he knows what we need to do. Another friend advised the way I'm doing it and it's worked for both hers hence why I tried it first.

Any wisdom? I don't mind stopping and trying again in a month or so.

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