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3yr old regression or just too busy?

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ilovetosleep Wed 19-Apr-17 19:53:16

DS2 has been dry and clean for a year. He's just 3. I'm expecting DC3 in a few weeks.

He's gone from reliably telling us when he needs a wee, and asking for a poo fairly regularly (once every day or occasionally every other). Poos have always been a bit trickier, in that he generally used to go at a similar time each day and if we were home it was no probs, if we were out he just would carry on playing and be too busy to go, so hold it in until the next day (he wouldn't get the urge to poo once we got home, rather it would come at his regular time the next day.)

Now he rarely asks for a wee, just holds it in for hours and hours until we bottle it and take him (sometimes necessary eg before long car ride) At preschool they all go at set times, and I know the GPs take him regularly as they're so paranoid about accidents.

I can't remember the last time he asked for a poo. It usually just comes on one of his enforced wee trips, when he finally decides he needs to go. If we ask if he needs to poo he always says no. Sometimes he can hold it for days and the farts get stinkier and stinkier. He's not distressed about any of it, he just always seems to prioritise playing and is so eager to get off the toilet to get back to the toys or whatever. Last night I took him for a wee as he did end up asking but only after the first tiny bit had wet his pants (doesn't happen often). It was just before his bath and insisted he didn't need a poo, ran out naked to play before his bath and ended up doing a tiny little poo on the floor before finally relenting and coming to the toilet - where he happily sat with a pile of books for 20 mins to finish off the job. First proper accident in about a year.

How should we play this? Do I just stop taking him altogether or carry on as we are until this phase passes? I really down played the accident btw.

Thanks in advance

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ilovetosleep Mon 24-Apr-17 14:09:15


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confusedofengland Wed 26-Apr-17 18:18:45

No real advice, but my 3-year old, who has been trained since July, has also started having the occasional accident (2 big ones this week, one of each sort & 1 little bit of wee). He never had accidents before. Each time he seems engrossed in playing, so I'm just reminding him he must go when he needs to & not hold on, then prompting him every so often.

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