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GriseldaChop Tue 18-Apr-17 09:04:40

Hi, I'm after a bit of advice please! My son is coming up 3.6 and still in his pull ups. I can get him to use potty or toilet for wees, but generally when prompted, although he does sometimes ask, however he will not lose the nappies!
We've chosen 'big boy pants' but he doesn't want to wear them as he 'doesn't want wee running down my legs'. I've said it's fine we all have accidents when we're learning but he's very insistent on having his pull ups back. I don't know if he's just not ready or if I need to be more insistent. He's doing great in all other areas and seems bright and happy.
Not sure if it's really relevant but we adopted him and he's been with us since last summer, he's settled really well and is doing amazingly given all the change, but this is why I haven't forced the issue so far.
Any support and advice would be appreciated, we're going on holiday in June and I'd really like him out of his nappies by then, although in my head we were going to nail it over the Easter hols!

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