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22mo doesn't seem to know when he needs the potty... Help!!!

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rr16 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:43:42

On day 8 of disastrous potty training. This is our 2nd try with ds2 after a 2 month break. He really doesn't seem to know when he needs to pee or poo. Should I persevere or leave it a few more months. My sil trained her two by leaving them to have loads of accidents then they finally got it... Any suggestions?

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LapinR0se Mon 17-Apr-17 12:48:37

I think 22 months is quite young and perhaps he's not ready

angelopal Mon 17-Apr-17 12:55:18

He sounds like he is not ready. 22months is quite early. Leave it a few months and try again. If he doesn't know when he needs to go it's not going to work.

We tried DD at 2.9 and she was having none of it. Waited until the week she turned 3 and she was trained in 3 days. They are all ready at different times.

buckyou Mon 17-Apr-17 12:55:34

Why are you trying so early if he's not ready?

TheMysteriousJackelope Mon 17-Apr-17 12:56:30

I also think he might be too young.

Most of the DC I knew when mine were that age trained at just turned 3 and all of them trained extremely quickly. I think my DC were pretty much trained in a day, they were mostly dry at night too which was one of the signs they were holding enough urine at a time to notice it. They were also bigger and more coordinated so we went straight to one of those portable, padded, seat things that can be put over a regular toilet seat. It meant just carrying that around with some disinfecting wipes, no fussing around with potties and washing them out.

Imnotaslimjim Mon 17-Apr-17 13:04:28

22 months is very early to be trying if he's shown no signs. My DS potty trained then, completely unguided by us. Everyone said we were trying too soon even though it was by his own instigation (refused to wear a nappy, witheld his pee until we let him on the potty) but he could tell us he needed to go and could hold it long enough to get there.

If you your DS is having lots of accidents and can't tell you he needs to go, he simply isn't ready. There is no need to rush him, you'll give him a complex!

d270r0 Mon 17-Apr-17 13:12:08

My al ost 6 year old still doesn't seem to know either.

UndersecretaryofWhimsy Mon 17-Apr-17 13:16:04

That's awfully early. Let it go, completely, for quite some time and don't start again until he shows an interest himself. You run the risk of creating longer term issues if you try to force it now.

What's the rush?

eurochick Mon 17-Apr-17 13:25:05

It's very early. My 2.9 year old still isn't ready.

GotToGetMyFingerOut Mon 17-Apr-17 13:27:31

Far too young if he isn't showing loads of signs. My son was potty trained by two only because he kept taking his nappy off and asking to wear pants and holding himself saying oh pee pee toilet and then would pee when we took him. His big sister's were both about 2.5

teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 17-Apr-17 13:29:51

If you're going to train relatively early, you have to be prepared to do a bit more teaching rather than just letting them train themselves. I trained DD at 22 months because she was refusing nappies so I don't think it's too early but it also shouldn't take weeks/months if you are actively teaching where to wee & poo. What guidance/method are you using? If he doesn't know when he's going up wee, you need to start by looking for the sign that he's about to wee so that you can prompt him.

Loungingbutnotforlong Mon 17-Apr-17 13:30:30

Far, far too young. You would all be happier, and much quicker waiting to (much) nearer 3 years.

teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 17-Apr-17 13:31:29

I'd also thing about taking a break for a month or so. 8 days with little progress is very intense for him!

LadyPenelope68 Mon 17-Apr-17 13:34:05

22 months is very young, just leave it until they're showing signs of being ready.

yummycake123 Mon 17-Apr-17 13:35:23

I also think he might not be ready yet.
We tried potty training my son when he was 24months... not interested at all. We decided to leave it and wait longer.
We tried again when he was 3 and he was potty trained over a long weekend.

rr16 Mon 17-Apr-17 15:36:57

So sorry for my mistake peeps HE'S 32 MO!! Rotten new phone... My apologies and thanks for all your help

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KickAssAngel Mon 17-Apr-17 15:42:47

Either there's a medical reason why your child can't tell yet, in which case you're just causing problems, or they just aren't ready yet but will be at some point. In which case wait.

DD wasn't ready until 2 yrs and 10 months. Then she just suddenly stopped needing a nappy and we had almost no accidents from day 1.

Your child's body will develop when it's ready, and until they are ready it's incredibly negative to try and force them with some kind of training (and I know there are people who believe in this, but I don't know why when we wouldn't dream of doing it for things like sitting up, eating solids etc).

Once you think your DS is ready, you can help with regular routines, encouragement, praise tc. But if the right hormones haven't kicked in to send signals to his brain, you will only be creating stress and a load of laundry.

LadyPenelope68 Mon 17-Apr-17 16:05:18

Still nothing to worry about IMO at 32 months, some children just start much later.

HateSummer Mon 17-Apr-17 16:12:37

Yeah even at 32m it's still early. My elder two were trained and dry at night at 36m. My youngest is 41m now and is extremely lazy. Won't go upstairs to do a wee and has had many many accidents. She's perfect at nursery but lazy at home.

TheNumberfaker Mon 17-Apr-17 16:19:07

I tried both my DDs at 29 months but it was too early, at 33 months they were both dry by day within a week and at night within the next month. If they show no sign of improvement within a couple of days, I would save yourself a whole load of stress and try again in 2/3 months.

QuizTeamaAguilera Mon 17-Apr-17 16:30:03

My DS is 32months and not ready yet - he does the odd wee on a potty but was having some bare bum time yesterday and weed all over his chair as he was so engrossed in what he was doing. He's just not ready, so I'm just waiting until he is.

rr16 Mon 17-Apr-17 19:50:36

Thanks so much for the reassurance that I'm right to wait a bit, I've tried and it's not working - bloody in laws keep stressing me that he's still in nappies at his age...

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TheMysteriousJackelope Mon 17-Apr-17 20:20:12

The twins of one of my old work colleagues were in diapers when they were nearly four. They'd be around 17 now and I doubt anyone cares at what age they were potty trained.

A few months can make a huge difference.

user1492938146 Sun 23-Apr-17 10:23:30

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TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 23-Apr-17 10:29:30

I'd wait till the better weather for sure. Ds1 would have been three in September and dd was due in October.
We moved out to the garden with the potty and minimal clothes below the waist for small child and a couple of pottys...the novelty of peeing outside and using the potty proved very exciting and we cracked it in quite short order.

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