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Can hold wee in but can't push out

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Zumbarunswim Wed 12-Apr-17 12:00:37

I've done about a week toilet training DS (3.2 yr old) and have had some limited success. He basically just holds everything in and then either does it in his pants or starts then stops himself and does it in the potty (so change of pants needed in both scenarios) he hates being asked if he needs so yesterday I left him to ask me and it resulted in 4 accidents. Bribery doesn't seem to work. I've said today he won't get any chocolate unless he does something in the potty (previously I was giving him chocolate buttons for trying but he wasn't doing anything). My oldest ds was able to "push" it out iyswim and was quick and easy to toilet train him, second son was similar but 3rd DS is different completely, very stubborn so was just wanting opinions on whether it's worth continuing. I've been in tears the last couple of days as feel like I'm being a rubbish mother to my elder 2 as cooped up inside house all the time.

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