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3.5 yrs, still in nappies, showing no interest in toilet / potty no matter what

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TanteJeanne Tue 11-Apr-17 18:12:17

Will he have a try at using the potty or toilet if he can carry on wearing the nappy before and after?
Is the issue being unable to go without a nappy? Or being unwilling to use potty/loo?

As a starting point, to break the habit, could you get him to wear pants under a nappy? Just to feel something different yet still feel the security of the nappy.
Are there different types of nappies/ pull-ups you could try- again, just gently varying the established habit without taking him out of his comfort zone.

HeyRoly Tue 11-Apr-17 18:02:16

I was in your shoes with DC1 at that age. She just would not do it. She didn't wet or soil herself, she would withhold for 8+ hours to the point of pain. It was completely behavioural - she's extremely stubborn. I also tried everything. In the end I had to delay it as I was heavily pregnant with DC2 and crippled with SPD.

At the grand old age of 3.10 I told her that, starting on X day, it was KNICKERS EVERY DAY. When she started the usual pattern of withholding, I got angry and said if we had to sit in the bathroom all night until she did a wee, we would.

Everyone says don't get angry, but it was actually the only thing that broke her iron will blush Cracked it from that day forward.

She made our lives hell for another 6-12 months by refusing to use toilets away from home. She'd insist on a potty, but nowhere that had hand dryers because she was terrified of them. Sometimes we'd have to let her sit on a potty in a car park. God, it was grim.

She's 5 now and normal! Doesn't mind public toilets or hand dryers or anything grin

Heratnumber7 Tue 11-Apr-17 18:01:09

All kids are different. I bet £100 he won't still be in nappies when he's 16.

I wouldn't put any pressure on him, he'll let you know when he's ready.

Orange80 Tue 11-Apr-17 17:55:12

Dc2 is still in nappies and he's 3.5. He's the only one of his peer group in nappies and am actually getting a little tired of changing them, to be honest.

We haven't done anything to scare him about the toilet or potty, and have never made a big deal about accidents or anything. But he gets upset if he's not wearing a nappy even for a minute.

I can't seem to say anything to persuade him. And he hates being without nappies so can't do the naked in the summer thing.

Is 3.5 a bit old to be in nappies?! His older brother was 2.5 when he potty trained.

Any ideas? We've tried all the books, buying special pants, getting him to watch dad / big brother on the toilet, lots of positive encouragement. None of it works.

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