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Anyone want to share tips for PT success?

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tinymeteor Sat 08-Apr-17 08:40:16

Just been through potty training which I had been dreading. DD is nearly 3, we left it late-ish for a combination of medical and practical reasons.

It's gone so much better than I expected. I'd read so many threads about PT problems I think i had psyched myself out. So I thought it might be helpful to have a thread on stuff that worked - really not intended to be smug, just in the spirit of sharing tips in good Mumsnet style...

What worked for us:

- leaving it late. We didn't miss the boat by not PTing at the first sign of interest, she just got readier.
- deciding not to care if she was last in her NCT group to potty train
- picking a time that worked for us as much as for her
- Lulu's Loo potty training book
- waterproof cot sheets on the sofa cushions
- chocolate buttons

What worked for you?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 08-Apr-17 12:07:36

Great idea! Often when your searching for advice all you come across are problems so some ideas could be really useful.

Things that worked for us:

Listening to her cues - she was 22 months but adamant she didn't want nappies any more. She had no idea she what to do but had been interested in us going to the loo for a couple of months.

The 'Oh Crap' potty training book. Wouldn't have know where to start without that!

Consistency - we went for no nappies other than naptime and overnight

Not introducing knickers until about 3 weeks after we started

Having nursery on board

Potette thing in the changing bag if we were out somewhere with toilets. Otherwise emergency potty in the car if we were at the park/woods etc

Praise but not making a huge deal of it (if that makes sense!)

tinymeteor Tue 11-Apr-17 11:11:08

I totally agree with the whole 'praise but don't make a big deal' thing, you're so right!

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BertrandRussell Tue 11-Apr-17 11:13:41

Yes. Leave it til the child says "I don't want to wear nappies any more" and reply "OK darling, here are some pants and there is the
It is honestly not worth a single moment of stress.

Thingywhatsit Tue 11-Apr-17 11:19:46

Following with interest. Managed to potty train my now teen ds with simple ease - dry day andnight within 3 weeks of starting potty training and he was 2.5. My dd is 3 this month and still not interested. Also have poo issues which we are under paed for so had instructions not to potty train for next 6 months unless she leads it. Which to be fair is good advice given that we need to sort out the poo issues first (severe withholding) She isn't interested at all despite her little playmates all being potty trained 🙁🙁

We've had the potty around for the last year or so, I am always accompanied to the loo etc etc but she just likes her nappies....
She is off to school nursery in sept and they have to be potty trained - no nappies allowed 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

BertrandRussell Tue 11-Apr-17 11:30:32

"She is off to school nursery in sept and they have to be potty trained - no nappies allowed 🙁🙁🙁"

Just so you know, they aren't allowed to make this a requirement.

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 13-Apr-17 09:11:02

I agree. They can't enforce that, especially if you have medical issues going on. If it's looking like she's not going to be trained by September and you're still under the paed, I'd speak to the school SENCo about putting a health plan in place just so there are no battles about it.

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