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When to start?

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Squidgling Fri 07-Apr-17 15:03:08

I'm thinking about when we should start to try and potty train DD. She is 25 months.

We have had a potty in the bathroom for a few months just so it wouldn't be a big scary thing when we got one. I've told her what it's used for and she's seen me/other people use the toilet for a wee lots of times. She's perfectly happy to sit on the potty for a few seconds /minutes (it varies) but has not done anything on it. I don't know whether that's just been my bad timing sitting her on it though.

She will usually tell me a few seconds before she does a poo. Not usually any comments from her when she does a wee.

Anyway, ideally I would wait until it's warmer weather for drying extra washing and for her being naked. We go on holiday in May so would prefer to wait until after that I think. My issue is that I'm expecting DC2 in September so I am wondering if waiting until late May/June will be too close to September and cause her any issues when baby arrives?

I have been reading a few threads today and seen the book Oh Crap recommended. Does anyone else have any recommendations or advice for when we should start and how?

Thank you in advance.

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Doje Fri 07-Apr-17 15:12:03

It's a cliché, but she'll let you know when she's ready. I knew DS1 was ready when I found him sat on the toilet (having taken down his own pants and trousers) and said "wee, mummy". You could tell that he had control over the muscles that 'push out' a wee - i think that was the most important one.

DS2 was 4 months when this happened. It worked quite well as he couldn't move! So when i was spending lots of time with DS1 in the bathroom, DS2 could be left happy on the living room floor/napping.

Non popular on here, but I read Gina Ford 'Potty Training in a Week' and took the bits i liked from that. It worked for me. We started on a Wednesday, and were out of the house Thursday and at play groups Friday and never looked back.

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 07-Apr-17 16:24:03

When they are ready it's a relatively quick procedure in my experience. It's only when they are not ready that it takes weeks and weeks. My ds was nearly 3, but within 3 days was dry all day, with no need for pull ups etc.

I would just try her for a few days if you think she is ready, but if she really doesn't take to it then wait another month and try again.

Squidgling Tue 11-Apr-17 15:13:20

Thank you. I think I might give it a try at some point in May/June and see how she gets on. Then I can try again a month or so later if its unsuccessful. I like the idea of having her out of nappies by the time the baby comes from a cost point of view but equaully don't want to rush her if she's not ready yet.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 13-Apr-17 09:06:27

I would definitely wait until after your holiday and then go for it if you can. Are you at home with her? If so, pick a fairly clear week, you'll probably need a few days at home and then you can start venturing out. And having had 2 in nappies for 6 weeks, I'd definitely recommend getting it done before baby arrives. It is so much easier!

I've recommended the Oh Crap book on threads before. She advises training between 20 and 30 months and says the signs of readiness are things like being able to follow a simple instruction and being able to have a tantrum (reasoning explained in the book - can't quite remember now!!). I think there generally seems to be two ways of doing things. 1 is to wait until the child virtually trains themselves. The other is teaching them where to wee and poo (in the same way you have to teach kids to tie their laces or zip a coat). Oh Crap is the second way.

Good luck!

Squidgling Fri 14-Apr-17 07:34:08

Thank you. She goes to nursery 3 days a week so would only have a 3 day stretch with her at home before she's due back to nursery. Do you think that would be long enough?

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greatbigwho Fri 14-Apr-17 07:38:30

My daughter was totally resistant to potty training and we were advised to just leave it until she wanted to do it. 3y4m, she came home from nursery, asked to wear knickers and that was it. Since then we've literally had 2/3 accidents and she's dry day and night. I know she was a bit late compared to a lot of her peers, but it was honestly the least stressful thing ever and I'm glad we waited and didn't push her.

Decsbetterhalf Fri 14-Apr-17 07:45:13

I left it as long as possible. 3 years and 3 months. DS got it in 3 days, no accidents since day 4.

I'm glad I left it so long even if I did keep getting raised eyebrows from "others"

Good Luck

newmumwithquestions Fri 14-Apr-17 08:02:09

June to September gives you 3 clear months, more if you count a bit of May and September depending when you're due. That's a very long time for a 2 year old so I think you're fine.

DD was 2.5 years, got it quickly (well after 2 days of hell when I questioned if i should be doing it).

But 3 months on we do still have occasional accidents - she's scared of hand driers so i have to encourage her into public toilets when out (i take her potty into a toilet) and if someone turns a hand drier on she gets scared and refuses to go back to the toilet. Or sometimes she's engrossed in what she's doing and forgets until the last moment.

Also talk to nursery about if she's ready or not, they should notice signs like her showing an interest in other children going to the toilet. Fine to send her back there after 3 days - they're used to it! (Just talk to them first).

Squidgling Sat 15-Apr-17 21:45:51

Thank you for the advice. I will try her after our holiday and see how it goes. Then leave it for a bit if unsuccessful and try again a month or so later.

That's true newmum, I hadn't thought of it in terms of how long a few months is to her so I guess 3 months is ages! Baby is due mid September so have a bit longer too.

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