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Knickers ... :-(

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Alicejack Fri 31-Mar-17 23:07:58

My granddaughter is almost 3 and picked up the using the potty thing very quickly indeed.(running around nappy- less) However.. put her in knickers and it's another story.
Please could other mummies advise on how to have better success with knickers.
Many thanks x smile

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 01-Apr-17 07:54:58

Spend a few weeks in trousers (leggings or joggers are easiest to pull up and down) and then when she's got that, introduce knickers. Knickers can make them think they've got the security of a nappy so can cause more accidents. Whereas with trousers and no knickers, there's nothing on that feels like a nappy.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Sat 01-Apr-17 07:56:26

Thanks for this, that's a great idea tea

teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 01-Apr-17 10:22:01

Not my idea She, got it from our potty training book, but it made a lot of sense to me!

It seemed to work with DD anyway; we had about 3-4 weeks of just trousers and then started putting knickers on. Didn't make any fuss about them, just put them on when getting dressed. Nursery were a bit hmm at first but now think it was a great way of doing it.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Sat 01-Apr-17 10:47:58

DD is 3.5 and just isn't getting it at all.. Think this will help. Might wait until the weather is a little warmer, given the amount of laundry it'll create grin

soundsystem Tue 04-Apr-17 17:56:04

Take her to the shop and get her to choose her own knickers? Character or animal ones are good so you can say "we don't want to wee on Minnie/Peppa/the butterflies". This worked for my DD!

1Evaline1 Tue 04-Apr-17 17:56:44

I've been training my daughter in loose pyjamas and so far so good as they are easier for her to pull down

Bettyandtheboy Wed 05-Apr-17 14:21:37

I just came on to post the exact same thing. We are only on day 2 but no accidents since yesterday at 8.15... until I put knickers on her and she didnt even bother sitting on the potty, just went where she was standing. Took them off and then she went on the potty with no problem! Grrrrr!!!!

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 05-Apr-17 16:59:58

I really believe the idea the underwear can give some children the feeling of security that they've got a nappy on. I left it 3 weeks before I put DD in knickers. Even now, if she does have an accident, I don't always put knickers back on her. Just gives her a chance to reset before we go back to normal.

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